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The Latino community continue experiencing a significant burden of the AIDS epidemic, challenging researches to develop effective models and strategies to fight the disease. The following articles present the work of many professionals that work with the Latino community in areas such public health, public policy, non-profit sector and others.

Note: These articles were published in the AIDS Education and Prevention. Volume 21. Issue: 5 Supplement: Hispanics/Latinos and HIV/AIDS: Epidemiologic, Behavioral and Ecological Influences of Risk and Best Practices for Prevention. They have been reproduced here for education purposes only. Please visit Guildord Press for more information.

 Foreword: HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Hispanic/Latino Community
       Authors: Hazel D. Dean
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 Increases in HIV Diagnoses at the U.S.-Mexico Border, 2003-2006
       Authors: Lorena Espinoza, H. Irene Hall and Xiaohong Hu

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 Methamphetamine and Cocaine Use among Mexican Migrants in California: The California-Mexico Epidemiological Surveillance Pilot
       Authors: María Teresa Hernández, Melissa A. Sanchez, Lorena Ayala, Carlos Magis-Rodríguez, Juan D. Ruiz, Michael C. Samuel, Bart K. Aoki, Alvaro H. Garza and George F. Lemp
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 Drug Use and Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with Men in South Florida: Implications for Intervention Development
       Authors: M. Isabel Fernández, Robin J. Jacobs, Jacob C. Warren, Jesus Sanchez and G. Stephen Bowen
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 Familial and Cultural Influences on Sexual Risk Behaviors among Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Dominican Youth
       Authors: Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Alida Bouris, James Jaccard, Catherine Lesesne and Michelle Ballan
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 Condom Attitudes, Perceived Vulnerability, and Sexual Risk Behaviors of Young Latino Male Urban Street Gang Members: Implications for HIV Prevention
       Authors: Ronald A. Brooks, Sung-Jae Lee, Gabriel N. Stover and Thomas W. Barkley Jr.
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 Parental Protectiveness and Unprotected Sexual Activity among Latino Adolescent Mothers and Fathers
       Authors: Janna Lesser, Deborah Koniak-Griffin, Rong Huang, Sumiko Takayanagi and William G. Cumberland
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 Outcomes From a Community-Based, Participatory Lay Health Adviser HIV/STD Prevention Intervention for Recently Arrived Immigrant Latino Men in Rural North Carolina
       Authors: Scott D. Rhodes, Kenneth C. Hergenrather, Fred R. Bloom, Jami S. Leichliter and Jaime Montaño
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 A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Community-Based HIV Prevention Intervention for Mexican American Female Adolescents: The Shero's Program
       Authors: Gary W. Harper, Audrey K. Bangi, Bernadette Sanchez, Mimi Doll and Ana Pedraza
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 Hombres Sanos: Exposure and Response to a Social Marketing HIV Prevention Campaign Targeting Heterosexually Identified Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women
       Authors: Ana P. Martínez-Donate, Jennifer A. Zellner, Araceli Fernández-Cerdeño, Fernando Sañudo, Melbourne F. Hovell, Carol L. Sipan, Moshe Engelberg and Ming Ji
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 The Change Approach to Capacity-Building Assistance
       Authors: Miriam Y. Vega
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 Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions and Hispanic/Latino Populations
       Authors: JoAna M. Stallworth, Jonny F. Andía, Rashad Burgess, Maria E. Alvarez and Charles Collins
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 The Implementation of a Culturally based HIV Sexual Risk Reduction Program for Latino Youth in a Denver Area High School
       Authors: Trisha E. Mueller, Charlene Angel Castaneda, Shannon Sainer, Donna Martinez, Jeffrey H. Herbst, Aisha L. Wilkes and Antonia M. Villarruel
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 From Research to Community-Based Practice—Working with Latino Researchers to Translate and Diffuse a Culturally Relevant Evidence-Based Intervention: The Modelo de Intervención Psicomédica (MIP) Experience
       Authors: Gisele Pemberton, Jonny Andía, Rafaela Robles, Charles Collins, Nelson Colón-Cartagena, Omar Pérez Del Pilar and Teresa Soto Vega
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