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Puente Para La Salud
Carlos Maldonado
Program Director
(212) 584-9314


The goal of the Puente Para La Salud (Bridge to Health) program at the Latino Commission on AIDS is to reduce health disparities among Latino (LGBT) individuals, families and communities by increasing access to and quality of health and human services (HHS) targeting Latino LGBT through the provision of comprehensive capacity building assistance services to providers in New York City.

The services that Puente Para La Salud will offer are the following:

• Programmatic Needs Assessments: site visit & report/recommendations.
• Technical consultations & coaching: onsite & teleconferences
• Skills building trainings: One day (1) trainings based on the needs of the organization
• Technology Transfer: provision of tools; maps; data entry templates
• Technical services: data analyses; evaluation report write ups; review of adaptation materials
• In addition to an LGBT resource guide and a social marketing campaign to increase the services provided to the Latino LGBT community

WATCH: Promotional video of Maduros y Sabrosos, a program for 40+ gay latino men.

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Identifying your needs. Offering Solutions.

Puente Para La Salud works with your program to identify critical needs, providing services and training to address those needs. Our goal is to increase the long-term sustainability of your organization's health services to the community. In addition, agencies are encouraged to become part of the Puente Para La Salud network.

Agencies enrolled with Puente Para La Salud can participate in conference calls with other service providers to the Latino community, access web resources, attend special trainings, and coordinate efforts with local health departments.
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